Children Counselling

Child Counselling

Counselling children and adolescents is often different from counselling adults, though the objective is the same. Methods used in counselling children and adolescents often depend on the clients’ age, development stage and individual challenges.

There might be many reasons why children and young people could benefit from the support of counselling sessions. They might be struggling with issues such as stress, anxiety or low mood. Emotional difficulties can arise for children and young people at various points in their lives and for a variety of reasons. There may have been a trauma or difficulties either at home or at school and perhaps even in both environments.

When children and young people are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or low mood this can affect their general health and well-being as well as having a negative impact on their self-esteem. This can lead to problems with their ability to learn and achieve their potential at school or college and in their lives in general.

Symptoms of Child and Adolescent Problems

These emotional difficulties may be expressed in a variety of different ways including;childrens child counselling  antrim

Eating Issues

Body Image Issues



Anger and Aggression

Change in Sleeping Habits

Tearfulness and Sadness

Family Conflict

Withdrawal from Family and Friends

Counselling offers children and young people a safe and confidential space where they can explore the difficulties they may be experiencing and help them work towards building confidence and getting their lives back on track. Some children may find it hard to talk about their problems, especially in the initial stages, and a variety of different art and play materials can be used to help them discover and communicate their thoughts and feelings. This can often prove helpful in enabling children to let go of symptoms and behaviours and continue with healthy growth and development.

An initial telephone consultation will be completed with the parent / guardian of the young person and information will be gained on the presenting difficulties, I will also answer any questions you may have. If you wish counselling to then commence we will arrange the first appointment focused around the needs of the child, a parent or guardian can attend this session if desired by both the adult and the child.

"Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression."
  — Haim Ginott

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